Jail and Bail

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Jail & Bail Bristol 2017

Charlton Farm celebrates 10 years

Date: Friday 19 May 2017
Location: To be confirmed
Bail: £999

For more information on how to take part, please email janey.hellmen@chsw.org.uk.


Jail & Bail Exeter 2017

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Location: Exeter Castle
Bail: £999

For information on how you can take part or nominate someone else in Exeter's event, please contact naomi.dymond@chsw.org.uk


'Cringeworthy' Nick Henderson 'freed from jail' after making bail

Tavistock businessman Nick Henderson was taken into custody last Friday by the strong arm of the law. Read the full story

Bristol businessman to be locked up for charity!

We can announce that Peter Clough, Partner at Osborne Clarke, is the first to be taken ‘prisoner’ in Bristol for Children’s Hospice South West’s (CHSW) Jail & Bail fundraiser. Read the full story

Jail and Bail 

Jail and Bail is a hugely entertaining courtroom event which sees fundraisers arrested, charged with their crimes (entirely fictitious, of course) and then placed on trial. 

If our jailbirds are found guilty of their 'wicked and entirely fictional crimes', which they inevitably will, they will be taken into custody, photographed and banished to the cells. They will only be released if they can raise bail of £999 from their connections, including friends, family and colleagues. This fun courtroom drama will raise vital funds for Children's Hospice South West.

2016 Jail and BailPrevious events

Our previous Jail and Bail events have raised over a staggering £60,000 for Children's Hospice South West!

Take a look at how the previous sinners got on from our events across the South West region.

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