Raise a Smile Lottery for CHSW

Lottery winners!

Lottery number and postcode or single ticket number for recent winners:

Not Won
Not Won 
Not Won
Not Won 
Not Won
Not Won 
Not Won
 139899, TR9
D6143, PL9 
C5952 TQ11
 A2913, EX39
D0646, PL25
D7608, BS39 
C1142, EX31
C1761, EX31 
D1810, EX31 
D6655 BS9
081952, BS41 
073734, EX21
 D3396, BS48
A1040, PL10
 A2088, TA1
 105483, RE16
035279 BA16
089661, PL30 
A0007, BS23
 140229, TR9
C0767, TA15
 E0160, TR8
 D7892, TR2
D0419 PL6
D8209, BS9
C9144, EX39
 A0041, BS15
C2032, EX32
 135781, EX32
021520, PL26 
060562 PL24
A0125, BS10 
062958, TR1
 103749, EX34
002703, EX31
 A1889, BS8
 028532, TR9
185812 EX2
 A2678, BS30
117366, PL25
 A1917, PL15
068534, TR13
 D6209, TR9
 083852, PL25
190091 BS28
D3025, TA12 
123144, TR2
 A3021, TA2
081991, BS37
 E0019, TA7
 173322, EX1
195536 EX39
 D8958, EX4
C3586, PL6
 D8863, TR1
A2422, BS22
 E0560, BA2
C2448 BD13
E0671, GL2
D9607, BS16 
D1335, BS39
 174254, EX2
 027614, TR14
123923 EX2
 171091, EX31
020243, PL24
003300, EX2 
026597, TR4
 A2559, BS23
 C0028, TQ12
C1456 PL20
A0475, BS25 
035933, EX8
 067124, BS20
085119, PL26
 C9835, PL5
 C3438, PL28
C7992 EX39
C0713, TQ2 
C6838, BA3
 083041, TR14
A1905, PL30
 D2906, TA10
D8932, PL32 
D7311 EX13
 D4301, PL25
D4666, BS27
 165659, TR12
A1913, EX13
 D4123, EX8
 D9408, PL25
D9680 BS22
D6338, TA4 
D8832, PL26
 A2412, EX17
A2804, EX37


There is a weekly jackpot of £1,000 plus a number of prizes of varying amounts. If you are our lucky winner, you will be notified in writing and we will send you a cheque for the amount of your prize with your letter by post.

If you are a lucky winner and you purchased your ticket in one of our shops, please contact our Lottery Helpline on     08456 888 911 where your ticket details will be verified and a cheque arranged to be sent directly to you. Prizes must be claimed within 3 months of the winning draw date. All unclaimed prize money is donated directly back to the Charity.

Your privacy

For full details of how we protect your data when joining our Raise a Smile Lottery please read our CHSW Lottery Rules >>

Our raise a smile lottery

The draw is made every Friday and there are 14 regular possible cash prizes with a top prize of £1,000 PLUS a rollover prize, which can grow to a maximum of £10,000! You will be issued with a unique lottery number, which will be entered into each weekly draw as long as you are in credit. You will be automatically notified if you win - you do not have to make a claim.

Players must be resident in the UK and over 16 years to play.

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The Raise a Smile lottery is operated by Children's Hospice South West under the Gambling Act 2005 and registered with The Gambling Commission, Lotteries Council, IBAS, Responsible Gambling Trust, GamCare and GambleAware.